PBL86-80 48V 4000RPM – GB9 15:1 Composite

Part No:776625-735894

L: 306 × W: 86 × H: 176mm

PBL86-80 24V 3000 RPM Modular PMDC motor with the GB9 15:1 Composite gearbox
Spec overview
Motor Type BLDC
Motor Poles 8
Nominal continuous torque 17.9 Nm
Max intermittent torque 27.6 Nm
Nominal power 586 W
Stack length 80 mm
Motor IP rating IP54
Gearbox Orientation Right Angle
Gearbox Type Worm Wheel
Gearbox Ratio 15:01
Gear Material Composite
Gearbox Stages 1
Gearbox Efficiency 85%
Gearbox Axial Load 600 N
Gearbox Radial Load 800 N
Weight 6.8 Kg
Enclosure Enclosed
Insulation class F
Weight (kg) 6.8

The Parvalux PBL86-80-GB9 is part of our modular range, with this particular combination utilising a 48V, 4000 RPM BLDC motor and a composite gear, 15:1 ratio right-angle gearbox. The pairing of this motor and gearbox offers 267 rpm and up to 27.6 Nm of torque in intermittent operation (S2 – 15 minutes). As part of the modular range, you can also add accessories such as brakes, encoders, and shaft extension kits to fine tune your combination to perfectly meet the requirements of your application.