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Parvalux vending machine motors are perfect for powering the latest vending machines. Our units provide the reliable drive required to operate cooling fan systems and the worm drives that dispense the products. Our geared drives can operate 24/7 with total reliability and the minimum of maintenance.

IoT or the ‘Internet of Things’ has enabled vending machine manufacturers to take advantage of new technologies; manufacturers now incorporate automated ordering for stock replenishment, as well as enabling contactless payments. Taking advantage of the latest smartphone trends helps consumers and machine operators, alike.

IoT-enabled machines are transforming the workplace in many sectors and there’s been a big rise in the industrial vending sector. For example, PPE or industrial consumables (drill bits, adhesives etc.) can now be dispensed via proximity sensors. Shrinkage and operational costs reduce because employees become more accountable for the items they use.

Our standard vending machine motors are fully customizable in our UK-based factories. In addition, we can quickly develop a motor specific to your available space. We work with our customers’ engineers and our design team is also fluent in the very latest SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

Parvalux motors and gearboxes are also available through the global maxon distribution network. Your local maxon office can be found here.

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