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What is a gearbox?

Essentially, a gearbox enables an electric motor to run at its maximum efficiently whilst changing its output speed characteristics to meet the precise specification of the application. A gearmotor is basically a combination of an electric motor and a reduction gearbox, which is usually required to deliver high torque from a low speed output.

Advantages of Parvalux gearboxes

Parvalux British-made gearboxes are simply legendary — rugged, reliable and designed to suit a wide choice of applications. We manufacture some of the finest small gearboxes on the planet, and we’ve been doing it for more than 70 years. Parvalux gearboxes are designed and built in the UK; and we offer options that will suit any of our AC, PMDC and BLDC motor ranges.

Custom gearboxes from Parvalux

We design and manufacture worm-wheel, spur and planetary gearboxes; and our units have an enviable reputation for performance and reliability. In addition to our standard range of gearboxes, we can offer a wide range of custom options, including:

  • Output ratio
  • Frame type
  • Gear material – Bronze / composite, steel
  • Shaft features – Flat, hole, hollow shaft, keyway
  • Shaft output – Single or double-ended
  • Housing material – Die cast, zinc alloy, aluminum, cast-iron
  • Accessories – Encoders, brakes
  • Lubricant – Oil, grease
  • Exterior finish

To assist your design team, we have CAD models, technical drawings and datasheets for each of our gearboxes and our engineering team is available to help you develop the perfect solution for your application.

Finding the right drive solution shouldn’t be a challenge – contact our team, today