Input Power Source

  • Voltage: Will the motor be required to operate using AC or DC voltage? What voltage do you need your motor to run at?
  • Frequency: Will it need to operate using 50Hz, 60Hz or both?
  • Current: Does the current draw need to be under a specific value?
  • Control: Will the motor need to run at variable speeds? What type of control will you need?


  • Ingress Protection (IP): Will your motor need protection against the elements? Dust / water / etc?
  • Temperature: What will the ambient temperature of the application’s environment be? Will operators need to touch the motor?

Gear-Motor Specs

  • Weight: Are there any weight restrictions within your application?
  • Life Expectancy: How long will you need your motor to operate for? Does the application allow for maintenance to be carried out?
  • Noise: Is noise an important factor in your application?
  • Efficiency: How important is your motor’s efficiency?

Gear-Motor Performance

  • Speed (RPM): Will it need to operate at high or low speed? Will the speed be continuous or will it vary?
  • Power (W / HP): What are the Watt / Horsepower requirements? Are there limitations to the maximum current if using a control?
  • Torque (Nm / in-lb): Will it require high start or stall torque? What are the running torque requirements?
  • Duty Cycle: Will it need to operate continuously or in short bursts with time to cool down in between

General Requirements

  • Mounting Orientation: How does the motor need to be mounted to the application?
  • Overhung and Size Loads: Does the application have additional loads (radial or axial) putting stress on the motor?
  • Package Size: Is there a size restriction within your application?
  • Lubrication: Is grease or oil required? Will the application require high or low temperature lubrication?
  • Agency Approvals: Are there any agency approvals that your application must meet? E.g. UL, CE, RoHS, CSA or others?

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