Parvalux designs and manufactures electric motor drives that supply the reliable power behind many of the world’s leading agricultural livestock feed systems.

In livestock production, animals need to grow at a predictable rate and they need to remain healthy. This is true across all categories of livestock production, from beef and pork and from lamb to poultry. Automated feed systems are important, because they provide food at the right time and they remove any ambiguity in the amount of food supplied, thereby improving productivity.

Food is produced globally, so successful automated livestock feed systems need to operate in a range of climates, from the Arctic to deserts. This variety of potential deployment locations presents a challenge for any geared motor manufacturer. One of the most successful animal feed systems deploys a fully-automated, 360-degree rotating drum dispenser. Parvalux geared motors power the system, which dispenses food with a high level of accuracy.

Our motors and drives already provide reliable, hard-working power in more than 80 countries. We’ve been designing and building hard-working motors and gearboxes in the UK for more than 70 years. Every Parvalux drive delivers the controllable power, reliability and high-quality our manufacturer customers expect. It’s the reason that the Parvalux brand has become so successful with a range of global manufacturers. We distribute our British-made drive products through our parent company, maxon and you can find your local office, here.

We’ll help you design and build a drive system so that you can bring your product to life. Parvalux offers a standard range of motors, each of which can be customized. In addition, our engineering design team is fluent in the latest SolidWorks 3D CAD software, and we can design you a new drive from scratch.

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