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Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, the Parvalux headquarters buildings house our administrative, design engineering and test functions. This is also where we manufacture low-quantity orders. The factory utilizes semi-automated winding equipment to produce armatures from spindles and laminations wound with copper wire. Motors and gearboxes rely on manual, hand-assembly techniques with the aid of automatic and manual presses. This factory is set up to manufacture our one-off and low to medium-volume production motors across our entire spectrum of range and options. 100% of our complete motor gearbox assemblies are tested in our own dedicated test facility, ensuring each unit leaves us ready for many years of work. These tested products can be painted in a range of colors and individually packed, keeping the shipping team very busy, every day. As volumes increase, the production process will adapt accordingly, and we’ll hand over the production lines to our High-Volume Production team. The HQ factory is run as an independent business unit, on a lean manufacturing journey that incorporates manufacturing engineering measured against daily production targets.

High-Volume Production

Our High-Volume Production facility is based close to Parvalux HQ. It is responsible for our higher quantity orders and is our high-volume, product-specific, production line facility. It operates three independent flowlines, each supplied by our own in-house winding section and sub-assembly lines. It is entirely self sufficient and delivers to customers, directly. Similar to our HQ production facility, we operate semi-automatic winding machines to produce armatures from spindles and laminations, wound with copper. This factory is configured for high volume, low variety, single-piece flow production. Our lean methodology journey has begun, with our goal being to create a true Centre of Excellence for winding and assembly of custom designed, application specific, geared motor solutions.

Machining Centre of Excellence

The Parvalux Machining Centre of Excellence is based in Poole, Dorset and is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of different components used in the production of our motors and gearboxes. This includes shafts, machined castings, stators, rotors, and gears (bronze & delrin) that are later used in the assembly of our geared motor solutions. We are able to produce high-volume, quality components, all within a very short time frame. The components are then tested in our on-site inspection facilities. Utilizing equipment such as CNC coordinate measuring machines with automatic optical shaft measurement capabilities, all within dedicated temperature controlled inspection areas, we are able to ensure the quality of every component that we produce. Finished, fully tested components are then sent to our assembly facilities ready for use in the production of geared motor solutions.

Our new factory – coming soon!

Parvalux recently announced the purchase an 8.75-acre development site in Poole, Dorset. Construction of a purpose-built 140,000 square feet factory and office headquarters commenced in 2020. This site will house our current electric motor factories and the administrative staff. This major new building project will provide additional room for future growth.

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For further questions about our production, contact Parvalux to speak to our design engineers, today. Simply call +44(0)1202 512575

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