Parvalux has an enviable track record supplying custom and standard geared motors to manufacturers operating across the leisure industry.

Many sports benefit from the use of gear motors; some of the more obvious examples include target motor drives on gun ranges and golf caddy motors, where we are a market leader. However, some of the less obvious leisure and sports-focused applications for Parvalux gear motors include motor-driven basketball backboards, rotating scoreboards and signage.

Our geared motors are specified by the leading golf cart and golf caddy manufacturers, as well as powering green-cutting equipment, driving range ball delivery and collection systems. Many of the leading professional clay pigeon trap manufacturers insist on Parvalux products to provide reliable and consistent power that is essential in international competitions.

Parvalux amusement and arcade machine motors are prized thanks to their reliability, particularly in heavy-duty and continuous operation. Next time you play the penny machine or the claw machine, it could be one of our motors providing the quiet, reliable power!

We carry an extensive range of standard motors and gearboxes, each of which can be quickly customized to suit your particular application's requirements, and we offer a popular fully-custom design service if your project requires something specific.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the leisure products that Parvalux supports, read more here or contact our team today.

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