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Parvalux custom designed motors

Parvalux has been designing innovative geared motor solutions since 1947. We’ve developed a strong reputation for being able to design, prototype and test new products, many of which we’ve done as special or one-off designs for our customers’ urgent projects.

Made in Britain

We manufacture high-quality geared motor products in the UK and work with our customers to meet the performance and space envelope characteristics that bring their new products to life. A particular strength is providing design support to our customers, whether they have an in-house design team or not. We’re easy to work with and our expertise extends to most applications from healthcare and e-mobility to the leisure industry, materials handling and industrial automation.

Rapid turnaround

If you’re struggling to find the perfect ‘catalog’ geared motor drive system, we can help. We have a vast standard range of AC, BLDC and PMDC motors — as well as inline and right-angle gearboxes, each of which we can customize to suit your requirements. However, if your product requires something special (for instance, performance characteristics that can’t be found elsewhere), we can help. Our engineering design team is here to help through stages of the design and concept process and can work quickly to achieve the perfect geared motor for your project.

Finding the right drive solution shouldn’t be a challenge – contact our friendly team, today