M Box 60:1 Composite


Worm Wheel

Gear Ratio


Nm (Cont)


Nm (Int)


Part No:M60C

L: 76.5 × W: 63.1 × H: 100.3mm

M Box 60:1 Standard, composite gears
Spec overview
Gearbox Orientation Right Angle
Gearbox Type Worm Wheel
Gearbox Ratio 60:01:00
Gear Material Composite
Gearbox Stages 1
Gearbox Efficiency 54%
Gearbox Axial Load 300 N
Gearbox Radial Load 350 N
Gearbox Continuous Torque 6.0 Nm
Gearbox Intermittent Torque 10.0 Nm
Backlash 10-25 arc.min
Weight (kg) 0.7

The Parvalux M Box is a right-angle, worm wheel gearbox. With available ratios ranging from 4 – 72:1, it offers a wide range of output speeds and a capability of up to 12 Nm torque in continuous operation and 19 Nm in intermittent operation. The M gearbox is available with both composite and bronze gears, offering efficiencies of up to 85%. It is also perfectly suited for use with a range of Parvalux PMDC and BLDC motors, enabling you to assemble the perfect combination of motor and gearbox for your application.