2023 was a significant year for Parvalux, as the business underwent significant changes by moving to our new purpose-built production facility, consolidating three factories into one cohesive unit. Throughout this busy year, our teams we continued to actively participate in various activities and events aimed at supporting and engaging with the local community.

Menatl Health Awareness Week Bake SaleOur commitment to charitable causes remained steadfast, with Dorset Mind being our designated charity for the year. Through a series of initiatives including bake sales and workplace activities, we successfully raised a remarkable sum of £1225. This contribution has had a meaningful impact, providing vital support to numerous individuals in need of assistance with their mental health. Furthermore, during the festive season, we continued our charitable endeavours by raising £657 for SPRING, our chosen charity for the upcoming year, setting a promising foundation for our future fundraising efforts.

Recognising the importance of education, we made donations to Poole Grammar School, in the form of thousands of pounds worth of used furniture as we transitioned to our new facility. Our contribution included desks, tables, chairs, and storage units, enriching the learning environment for students, particularly in their science rooms. Which benefited the school and prevented these from going to landfill.

Additionally, we extended our support to Poole Dolphins, a local American Football team, with a donation to assist with kit purchase. The team advanced to the D2 national finals at Loughborough University, showcasing the positive outcomes of our community involvement.

At the highly anticipated Bournemouth Air Festival, we seized the opportunity to engage with the public and inspire the next generation for careers in Science Technology Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM). Our presence in the STEM marquee featured an interactive activity, the cog game, and a motor showcase was there to promote how intelligent our motors are. This captivated attendees and prompted meaningful discussions about Parvalux and the diverse career opportunities we offer. It was a fulfilling experience to interact with curious young minds eager to learn about electric motors and to provide guidance to individuals interested in pursuing manufacturing and engineering careers.

Bournemouth and Poole VisitMoreover, we opened our doors to Apprentices from Bournemouth & Poole College, welcoming them to Parvalux House for insightful factory tours. This hands-on experience offered them a glimpse into the practical aspects of factory operations, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Witnessing assembly lines in action and observing the integration of their college learning into industrial settings provided invaluable insights for their professional development.

At Parvalux, our commitment to community engagement is a part of our culture. Whether through active participation in events, fundraising endeavours, or nurturing the aspirations of future generations, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in local communities.