Today, on International Women’s Day, we take a moment to celebrate the remarkable women who contribute to our company each day. Beyond celebration, this day underscores our commitment to fostering equality in the workplace, where stereotypes and discrimination find no place.

We share inspiring stories from Annette Hill, Daniela Baltrua, Tanya Lanham, and Natasha Hepworth. They share their experiences at Parvalux and what International Women’s Day means to them.

Tanya Lanham
Tanya Lanham, Operational Purchasing Manager

Tanya’s journey exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and excellence. With two decades of dedicated service at Parvalux, she began her career on the shop floor, swiftly rising through the ranks to become a team leader. Driven by her passion for manufacturing and engineering, Tanya transitioned to the purchasing team, eventually assuming the role of operational purchasing manager. She finds fulfilment in the dynamic challenges of her role, supported by an exceptional team.

Reflecting on the significance of International Women’s Day, Tanya emphasises its role in acknowledging the progress of women’s rights and gender equality. When queried about enhancing inclusivity, she advocates for valuing, respecting, and listening to women’s voices.

Annette, a recent addition to our Sales Team, brings fresh energy and perspective. Entrusted with bolstering the sales department, she revels in the diversity of her responsibilities. Annette champions STEM careers for women, recognising the expanding opportunities for female success. “A STEM career for Women is the way forward; there are more prospects than ever before for women to succeed.”

Recently, Annette and other female colleagues, embarked on a mission to inspire the next generation of women at Parkstone Grammar School for Girls. Engaging with students keen on pursuing careers in engineering and manufacturing, they ignited enthusiasm and hope for a future filled with possibilities.

Daniela’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of seizing opportunities. Starting as a production operative and now thriving as a trainer, she embodies a commitment to ongoing growth and embraces diversity in her interactions. International Women’s Day holds special significance for Daniela, she said: “International Women’s Day to me is about honouring Women’s achievements and promoting our rights, it also allows us to show that we can do what others can.”

Natasha Hepworth, Health and Safety Advisor
Natasha Hepworth, Health and Safety Advisor

Natasha embodies resilience and expertise in her role as a Health and Safety Advisor. With over two decades of industry experience, Natasha encourages aspiring women in STEM careers to embrace self-belief and pride in their abilities. She emphasises that ambition knows no bounds and empowers individuals to define their own paths to success.

Parvalux takes immense pride in its diverse workforce, committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we reaffirm our dedication to inspiring and empowering women within our organisation and beyond.