Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. This is a day where globally the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are celebrated. So today we celebrate our female staff, who can be found across the organisation in both junior and senior roles.

Pictured: Natasha Hepworth, EHS Advisor

One of our longstanding members of staff is Natasha Hepworth who has been a Health and Safety Advisor for 23 years. She has a passion for safety and was drawn to the manufacturing industry when she was sixteen for practical reasons as it “paid the best and had the weekends off.” However, job satisfaction has kept her in the industry and she says she loves “seeing the safe changes we can make.”

There are many reasons our staff were drawn towards the manufacturing industry. Jess Overall, the Finance Manager, who has worked here for nearly 11 years started as an apprentice, and although she had no knowledge or experience of the industry she “was interested in what it was all about and eager to accept” the role following an interview at Parvalux. Ellee Williams, HR Manager also was excited for the industry after attending an interview. She “loved the buzz on the shop floor and was curious to see the start to finish processes.”

Others like Sophie Mills, a Junior Buyer, one of our newest recruits having been with the company for two months, had been interested in STEM and particularly women in STEM since university. She added:

“Whilst I’m not on the physical hands-on side of things, I’m very good at logical thinking and applying that thinking to situations. I think manufacturing is a good industry to consider because there is so much more than just physical making.”

Pictured: Jean Lancing - Senior Sample Technician Jean Lancing, a Senior Sample Technician has been with Parvalux for 11 years, she finds working in a manufacturing environment exciting saying “I was drawn to the manufacturing industry because I wanted to create something, I enjoy building different products and ensuring that we deliver them on time and keep customers happy.”

Dominika Dingova, Project Manager knew she wanted to work in manufacturing and studied Industrial Management at university.

All of the staff here have a different view of their future careers and we endeavour to support and guide them in whatever they choose to do. Sophie Mills wants to “keep progressing throughout supply chain and purchasing routes,” whereas Dominika Dingova gives herself career goals every year and so far she has been able to achieve all of them since she started her career as a Technical Project Administrator.

Our staff are also incredibly supportive of the business and the wider community and Dominika feels:

“very strongly about supporting young women and girls who are pursuing careers in STEM and women leaders working in male dominated industries and would love to get more involved in that aspect of my career.”

Ellee Williams, who is now part of the senior leadership team at Parvalux, feels the same, saying she wants “to make an impact on the local community by helping support young people getting into manufacturing and beginning to create talent and skills sets for the future.”

We appreciate that manufacturing can be male dominated and we asked whether there had been any discrimination or resistance against women for joining the industry. Natasha Hepworth said that she has noticed an improved attitude towards women in the industry.

“I have experienced some negativity at the fact I have worked in a ‘factory’, more in the past … as it used to be that working in an office was deemed a better career path. But not now. With STEM so in the forefront of education I don’t believe you have such snobbery around this and with the choices within the manufacturing industry expanding for women especially, I see a wonderful future ahead.”

For many others, like Ellee Williams, as many family members already worked in manufacturing or similar industries she didn’t get any resistance, and we endeavour at Parvalux to provide a supportive culture which helps all of our staff, male and female, to thrive and work to their best abilities.

Regardless of where you are on the STEM career path there could be a role at Parvalux which is perfect for you. We are actively trying to reduce the gap between male and female staff so encourage applications for roles across the business, so, if you’d like to work with us please get in touch by emailing [email protected]