Material Handling

Logistics and supply chain efficiency have become crucial to the competitiveness of many companies. It is in this context that the use of materials handling equipment, such as AGVs, package sorting and ASRS, becomes indispensable.

These autonomous, motorized systems have the potential to transform supply chains. Parvalux has an enviable track record designing and building motors and gearboxes that are perfect for material handling applications. Talk to our team to discover more.

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Building Automation

Parvalux electric motor and gearbox solutions are ideally suited to building automation products. Durable and reliable, our drive systems currently power products in over 80 countries.

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Parvalux geared motors are popular among manufacturers of equipment used in automated animal feed systems, milking machines and ventilation systems. Our agricultural drive products are used globally.

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Parvalux electric motor and gearbox solutions are a favourite of leisure product manufacturers, in a range of sectors. Durable and reliable, our drive systems currently power products in over 80 countries.

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Transport & Logistics

If you need absolute visibility on the road, railway or at sea, you'll need a dependable windscreen wiper system.

Parvalux steps up with an exciting range of efficient, reliable gear motors that road haulage, rail and marine equipment manufacturers can rely on. Our Viper3 compact wiper motor can be found powering the wiper systems on trains, trucks, the biggest ocean-going ships and even NASA's CT-2 crawler, as it takes rockets to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral!

For truck drivers, tarpaulins are essential to cover a load safely and their use is mandated by law in many countries. However, they can be very heavy to move by hand. Parvalux geared electric motors step up to provide the reliable and durable drive that is needed.

Our automated door motors are a popular choice for use on train door systems and our tough electric vehicle winch motors are a favourite with the emergency services, as well as off-road enthusiasts, worldwide.

Manufacturers specify Parvalux geared motor drives when they need a 'fit and forget', high-reliability solution. We carry a huge range of standard gear motors, each of which is customisable to suit your requirements. We can also develop fully custom motor solutions and we can do this quickly, if your need is urgent.

If you’d like to learn more about some of transport and logistics products that Parvalux supports, read more here or contact our team today.

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Mobility Solutions

With an ageing global population, the e-mobility market is forecast to grow significantly as people look for ways to continue enjoying an independent lifestyle. Parvalux is proud to design and manufacture safe and practical geared motors to meet the needs of manufacturers in this growing industry.

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Industrial Automation

Driven by the ubiquity of IoT (Internet of Things) technology and WiFi connectivity, industrial automation touches almost every part of our lives. Rail tickets, food, clothes, manufactured products - almost anything we use in our homes or offices has been through an automated process. Whatever your application, Parvalux has a wealth of experience creating drives for specific needs. We manufacture reliable and tough geared motors that can be modified or even designed from scratch to meet your specific needs and we'll work quickly to help you bring your product concept to life.

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Medical Devices

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Parvalux stepped up.

With more than seven decades of motor design and manufacturing experience, as well as a highly-desirable European production footprint in the UK, we quickly became the first choice for a number of medical product manufacturers and consortia.

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