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Customisation Options



Electric Motor Customisation Options

Whilst we offer thousands of standard motor and gearbox combinations, we also provide a variety of electric motor customisation options throughout our entire range. This means we can meet the exact requirements of your application, even on small quantity orders.

A custom electric motor / gearbox combination can be made with tailored shaft length and diameter, different output flanges (with customisable blanked/tapped holes), cable lengths and connections and with optional brakes, encoders, tachogenerators and paint finishes. If our added customisation options still don’t match your ideal specification, we also offer fully customised,  bespoke designs on higher quantity orders.

Find out more about each of our electric motor customisation options below:





Shaft Output Flange


We offer a range of single or double ended shafts for our complete motor and gearbox range. In addition to standard shafts, we can produce special keyways, flats, drilled holes, threads, and special fittings to specific requirements. 

Shaft material as standard is high quality carbon-steel; alternative materials can be requested for your custom electric motor, including marine grade stainless steel.

Output Flange

Parvalux offers a comprehensive range of motor flanges to meet any number of different standards. This includes, but is not limited to, IEC, NEMA and common “euro-standard” dimensions, as well as Parvalux standard.

All motor and gearbox flanges can be customised to include extra blank/tapped holes or specially machined details. 

Cable Brake


Apart from our standard length of cable, alternative lengths can be specified according to your needs. These can be assembled in a cable loom, as required.

Further options include three-core cables, cable screening and a huge range of connectors or crimps.


We provide a standard range of high-quality spring applied brakes to provide either static-holding or dynamic braking.

Our standard ranges from 0.4Nm – 2.0Nm operating on a low voltage DC supply or a single phase AC supply. Alternative brakes are available on request.

Tachogenerator Paint Finish


Our standard brushless tachogenerator is a 24-pole design providing 200Hz/krpm output. Mounted to the rear of the motor, the device offers simple and cost-effective feedback.

Alternative tachogenerators are available on request.

Paint Finish

Standard paint finish is Parvalux blue applied to induction, series wound and DC geared motors. Planetary geared motors are powder coated blue and DC brushless motors are painted black.

Alternative colours and finishes are available on request.

Encoder Bespoke Design


We provide a standard range of HEDS compatible dual channel encoders offering 48 – 1250CPR output (500CPR as standard) with index pulse. These high-performance encoders are mounted to the rear of the motor; however, we are also able to provide custom-specific mounting on the gearbox output shaft.

If an alternative style of encoder is required, we are happy to source an alternative or provide a custom-specific solution.

Fully Bespoke Design

As well as providing a large range of design options based on customising existing designs, we are able to produce bespoke solutions (out-and-out specials) for medium - high volume applications. In such cases our in-house design team can model new designs to allow rapid prototyping and test.

As custom electric motor manufacturers with a strong design element, modern production and a low cost supply chain, we can provide cost-effective solutions quickly.


For further advice or to discuss your ideal custom electric motor, contact our specialist team of engineers who will be happy to help you find a bespoke solution. Call us on +44 (0)1202 512575 or email