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When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Parvalux stepped up.

With more than seven decades of motor design and manufacturing experience, as well as a highly-desirable European production footprint in the UK, we quickly became the first choice for a number of medical product manufacturers and consortia.

Our rapid design, prototyping and manufacturing capability was key to enabling a number of medical ventilator and surgical pump manufacturers design new and adapt existing products for this vital application. We worked successfully with a number of leading consortia and Parvalux geared motors are now in use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, globally.

Whether your requirement is for an 'off the shelf' or fully custom product, Parvalux offers the flexibility, heavy-duty reliability and quiet efficiency needed to drive critical care equipment.

If you’d like to learn more about medical ventilator and pump motors and the medical products that Parvalux supports, read more here or contact our friendly team today.

Call our friendly engineering team on +44(0)1202 512575 to discuss your next project!

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