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Parvalux designs and builds tarp puller motors and our reliable units power tarp pullers in many countries.

Tarp covers have been a staple addition to dump trucks and trailers for years because their use is mandated by law in many parts of the world. They help contain the vehicle’s load and prevent danger to other road users. Whilst manual pullers semi-automated pullers are still commonplace, the introduction of motorised tarp pullers has improved the lives of operators. Good tarp puller motors will reduce the effort required to move the tarpaulin over the load, especially on a large truck. It’s important to get the motor design right because a puller almost always sits in an exposed position. Atop a truck; rain, mud and road debris will almost certainly figure in the daily life of a tarp puller.

Our standard range is customisable in-house with 12/24v DC solutions available. In addition, we can quickly develop a fully customised motor for your available space envelope.

We frequently work with our customers’ design engineers and our team is fluent in the latest SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

Parvalux motors and gearboxes are also available through the global maxon distribution network. Your local maxon office can be found here.

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