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Livestock ventilation is a crucial component in successful food production. For example, pigs can’t regulate their body temperature through perspiration because they lack sweat glands anywhere except their snouts. This makes them particularly sensitive to temperature rises and even small changes can induce behavioural changes that impact production quality.

In poultry production, temperature, air speed, humidity and light can affect the amount of feed consumed. This in turn, can influence egg weight and shell quality. Ventilation is also a crucial component in any rearing process, with young birds and higher producers the most sensitive to changes.

Parvalux provides drive systems to the market leaders in livestock ventilation and farm management systems. Our motors open fresh air inlets in a number of agricultural ventilation products for pork, poultry and beef production. From the Artic Circle to the equator, Parvalux motors provide consistent quality of operation. Delivering controllable power in harsh environments requires a special breed of drive and Parvalux deliver the performance our customers expect.

We’re fluent in the latest SolidWorks 3D CAD software – let us create the perfect drive system for your application.

Parvalux motors and gearboxes are also available through the global maxon distribution network. Your local maxon office can be found here.

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