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What is a PMDC motor?

In PMDC motors (Permanent Magnet Direct Current), permanent magnets located in the stator provide the magnetic field, instead of it being created in stator windings.

Advantages of PMDC motors

Cost-effective and with a high starting torque, PMDC motors are generally smaller but still offer an impressive output performance, which makes them a popular choice for use in many applications.

Parvalux manufactures an extensive range of PMDC motors trusted by global manufacturers for more than 70 years. They are most often combined with one of our gearboxes to reduce speed and increase torque for the ultimate geared motor solution. Our PMDC motors are suitable for a vast range of applications in a range of industries from mobility and patient care to industrial and leisure products.

Custom PMDC geared motors from Parvalux

Parvalux standard permanent magnet DC motor-only products covers the following performance range:

• Speed: 1000 – 5000 RPM     • Power: Up to 2030 Watts     • Torque: 0.1 – 4.9 Nm

Parvalux standard right-angle and inline PMDC geared motor combinations are available in the following performance ranges:

• Speed 0.2 – 1390 RPM     • Power 23 – 750 Watts     • Torque 0.1 – 150 Nm


We offer several levels of PMDC motor customisation, including shaft variations, output flange options, various cable lengths, brakes, encoders, paint finishes, and terminal boxes.

If you have a particular specification in mind, we recommend a fully bespoke solution which includes the ability to incorporate other components of your drive system. Our application and engineering teams have extensive application specific knowledge too, enabling us to produce a PMDC motor that is completely tailored to you.

With our customisation service ensures you’ll receive the precise PMDC motor solution you need to move your product from design concept to production.

Finding the right drive solution shouldn’t be a challenge – contact our friendly team, today