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Parvalux has vast experience designing off-the-shelf and fully custom lift motor solutions for personnel lifts, safety access platforms and work platforms.

Protecting the workforce is the most important responsibility for any organisation; infrastructure and equipment can be easily replaced but people are a more vital asset. Good health and safety management provides a win-win for everybody because it reduces absenteeism and can improve productivity and morale.

Powered personnel lifts and access platforms provide a safe operating environment for employees that work at height. A busy factory or warehouse operation might need its work platforms to be available constantly during a 24-hour shift pattern; therefore, they need to be reliable and require the minimum of maintenance. Personnel lifts can help with stock picking and inventory tasks, as well as routine maintenance such as bulb changes or cleaning.

Our tough, powerful units are ideal for this application. Parvalux compact drives offer excellent reliability, quiet operation and enough torque to power a personnel lift with ease.

We’ll work with you to design and build a personnel lift motor that perfectly suits your application. Our design team is also fluent in the latest SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

Parvalux motors and gearboxes are also available through the global maxon distribution network. Your local maxon office can be found here.



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