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The automation of farming and food production processes ensures efficiency and good breeding practice in this vital sector. Selecting the right motor manufacturer to drive your products is therefore crucial because automated ventilation systems, for example, ensure that livestock, such as pigs and cattle, are kept healthy and grow at a predictable rate. Poultry breeders have also long understood the importance of maintaining the correct temperature and airflow so that birds will lay consistently high-quality eggs and there are many other agricultural applications, such as arable irrigation or milk production, where automation via powerful electric motors provides benefits.

Effective ventilation and temperature control is important in any livestock production process but for the busy farmer, it's time-consuming to have to check and maintain temperature levels and ensure there is the correct level of airflow for the animals. Automated, computer controlled systems provide a great solution and Parvalux offers a range of geared motors perfect for driving blowers and activating motorised air vents. We also produce drives for actuators and the systems that measure precise quantities of feed for livestock.

Parvalux gearmotors are trusted globally by the leading agricultural ventilation and feed delivery system manufacturers because they are robust and reliable. Our drives are capable of operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures, are highly durable and get the job done, every time.

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