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factory 1

Factory 1

Factory 1 sources motor and gearbox components from all over the world in order to achieve the best prices possible for our products. The factory utilises semi-automated winding equipment to produce armatures from spindles and laminations wound with copper wire. The motor and gearbox relies on manual assembly techniques with the aid of automatic and manual presses.







This factory is setup to manufacture our one-off, low to medium volume production motors across our entire spectrum of range and options. 100% of our complete motor gear box assemblies are tested in our own dedicated test facility, ensuring our customers receive the best quality parts possible. These tested products are painted in a range of colours and individually packed, with shipping working constantly every day. As volumes increase the aim is to adapt the production process accordingly, with a view to hand over the production lines to factory 2 when the need arises. The factory is now run as an independent business unit, on a lean manufacturing journey that incorporates manufacturing engineering measured against daily production targets.