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Electric Motor Supplier for Industry Applications

Parvalux's geared motor solutions are found in a huge range of applications from the safety critical, such as those in healthcare for wheelchairs and patient hoists, to powering the windscreen wipers on the world's largest ships and fastest trains. They are also used extensively in the leisure industry in everything from golf trolleys and carts to caravan movers and clay pigeon traps. 

Over the last 70 years we've built up a huge wealth of knowledge of different applications and their specific needs so you can trust us to help design the perfect motor and gear solution for your end product. We have thousands of standard combinations of motors and gearboxes which enable rapid prototyping but we can also offer very rapid turnaround on customisation if needed; for example, if you require a longer shaft, a non-standard voltage, or perhaps you need a specific paint finish. We can even offer full bespoke design and incorporate additional parts of your drive train, for example building the actual drive mechanism which pushes against a caravans tyres in a caravan mover application. Contact us today to find out how we can design a geared motor solution to perfectly match your product.




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