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Designed and built to withstand a variety of different environments, the new VIPER3 from Parvalux is the perfect geared motor solution for use in your large wiper system application. Trusted to work reliably in the harshest conditions, the VIPER3 can comfortably operate when faced with dust, liquid, high & low temperatures, and wide variances in humidity, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into vehicles across the rail, marine, haulage, and transport sectors.

Equipped with multiple mounting options, the space conscious design of the VIPER3 allows for it to be easily mounted into your application. This, combined with internal wiring and an enclosed commutation brush design, makes this self contained, IP54 rated, geared motor the ideal solution for use in your large wiper system.






Features and Benefits

Adaptable mounting and added support structures offer excellent reliability and quick and easy integration into your system

Large brush design reduces wear on the brushes in the higher speed modes of the system, ensuring the VIPER3 works hour after hour, day after day

Reduced gear wear compared to other systems on the market, made possible through the use of composite materials, a larger diameter gear, and a one piece worm spindle

IP Protection standard options range from IP42 to IP56

Space conscious design with external measurements of just 280x 126 x 145mm

Mode Switching: separate mode switch with internally routed wiring ensures a clean and minimal design





80 Series 110 Series
  Nominal Voltage 24/48/110/220 VDC * 24/48/110/220 VDC *
  Nominal Speed 2 Speed - 21/36 or 30/45 RPM * 2 Speed - 21/36 or 30/45 RPM *
  Nominal Torque 9 Nm/6.5 Nm @ 21/36 RPM and 9 Nm/6.5Nm @ 30/45 RPM 15Nm/10Nm @ 21/36 RPM and 15Nm/10Nm @ 30/45 RPM
  Breakaway Torque 80 Nm 110 Nm
  Nominal Current 3/3.7 A based @ 24V 30/45 RPM unit 5/6.2 A based @ 24V 30/45 RPM unit
  Nominal Output Power 51/56 W based on 24V 30/45 RPM unit 86/86 W based @ 24V 30/45 RPM unit
  Direction Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
  Duty S1 S1
  Weight 4.0 Kg 4.5 Kg
  EMC EN50121-3-2 2015 Compliant EN50121-3-2 2015 Compliant
  IP Rating IP42/54/56 IP42/54/56
  Enclosure TENC TENC
  Mounting Gearbox Housing - 3x Equi-spaced M8 on a Ø72 P.C.D Gearbox Housing - 3x Equi-spaced M10 on a Ø90 P.C.D
  Output Shaft Ø12.9, 60 Tooth Splined * Ø12.9 Splined, 60 Tooth Splined / Ø15.0, 70 Tooth Splined *
* other options availalble on request


Additional Information

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