Today, June 5th, is World Environment Day. At Parvalux this day is very important to us as we have been striving to improve our sustainability practices for many years, to us sustainability means our approach to doing business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society as a whole.

This is why since last year and our previous blog focusing on this topic, we have continued to improve our standards to become more sustainable.

Last year, we were just adding the finishing touches to our new HQ, Parvalux House. This new build of ours has enabled us to be more energy efficient as we generate energy through our solar panels, with over 1500 installed to the roof. It is estimated that we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 340 tons compared to the previous year. That is a massive improvement, and we don’t want to stop there; Parvalux is working towards ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.

We are working with suppliers and exploring ideas through initiatives such as the local council’s Decarbonisation initiative. It is important to us to keep looking at the potential options and schemes that we can take advantage of to reduce our carbon impact.

Parvalux Solar Panels

What Else Has Parvalux Been Doing?

Material Review BoardSince moving into our new facility, we have actively been focusing on how we can reduce our environmental impact. Last year we talked about reducing our materials waste and more work has gone into improving this even further. We have introduced a new system called Material Review Board (MRB), this is where every component rejected by the production line gets reviewed on a daily basis by Quality and Production Engineers, in conjunction with production personnel. In this process, they are looking to salvage components and look into potential operation/equipment failure to proactively improve output and reduce waste.

Whilst the intent is always to get it right first time, sometimes components are rejected and this process is an effective way of finding new ways to minimise scrap by recovering the components, and to optimise the manufacturing process to have fewer rejects. On top of that wasting less material means that we are more sustainable and able to save thousands of pounds which can then be reinvested into the business to improve processes further.

Parvalux Eco Survey

Parvalux recently welcomed ecologists into our new site to test a pool of water that was suspected to contain protected newts. This was a very exciting experience, and we were very eager to find out what the results were. After a couple of weeks of anticipation, the results came back negative, but Parvalux is always looking to support wildlife and let it flourish.

Parvalux Eco Survey

The Future

As a manufacturer and employer, this gives additional considerations ensuring a sustainable future for us and our customers and we take those seriously. Heading towards 2030 the business is forecasted to almost double in size and we are working to establish processes and measures now to ensure we grow sustainably.