Are you wondering which type of electric motor is best suited for your project? Parvalux designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of powerful and reliable AC and DC motors, but what is the difference between AC and DC motors and how do you know which one is best for your application?

AC Motors

AC electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy using alternating current. AC motors generally have longer lifespans and higher durability than other types of electric motors because they are brushless and only require low power for start-up. This means that AC motors require less maintenance, due to brushes not being worn down and there is a much lower chance of burnout upon start up.

Further benefits of AC motors include the way in which they handle and deliver high speeds and also their ability to provide controlled acceleration. This makes them suitable for a number of industries and applications, as they can ensure stable and constant delivery. This is why you will often find them in constant use applications, such as conveyors and irrigation pumps. Much like other electric motors, the size and strength of AC motors can be adapted to suit any industry.

DC Motors

DC motors convert energy by using a direct current, meaning it only flows in one direction. One of the advantages of DC motors is that it has a high start-up power and torque, therefore they can handle moving heavier loads such as large-format wiper systems. A good example of where DC motors are ideal is in trains, as the high torque helps get the load moving and provides seamless operation. DC motors have fast response times to starting, stopping and can even reverse direction if required.

As well as offering simple installation, a brushless DC motor (or BLDC motor) requires very little maintenance because like an AC motor, it has fewer parts i.e. it has no brushes.

More examples of where DC and BLDC motors are used include warehouse sorting equipment and machinery that demands constant power, from elevators to appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and floor polishing machines.

Which electric motor is the most powerful?

A DC motor is typically more efficient than an AC motor as they make better use of input energy. However, an AC motor can generate higher torque by using more powerful currents and are therefore considered to be the more powerful option of the two.

Both electric motors can provide efficient and durable solutions for your industry but if you require further advice then contact Parvalux. With over 70 years of experience, we can provide standardised and custom-built AC and DC motors tailored to your particular requirements.

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