Parvalux manufactures a variety of standard electric motors from our three Dorset, UK factories but did you know we also offer a full customization service that enables you to tailor an electric motor to the precise needs of your application?  It’s one of the key advantages of working directly with a manufacturer, rather than with just another ‘me too’ distributor or reseller and it’s one of the reasons our geared motors are now used in more than 80 countries.

Specifying a custom electric motor is an option chosen by many manufacturers and Parvalux geared motors are a popular choice for companies operating in the healthcare and leisure industries. If you’re wondering how a custom electric motor could benefit your next project, here are some of the benefits:

· Precisely tailored to your application

As a custom electric motor manufacturer, we understand the benefits that can be derived from specifying a fully-customized solution. While a standard option can offer great reliability and high performance, sometimes a custom design offers a better solution because it can be tailored to deliver the precise characteristics your product needs.

Custom electric motors can be tailored in various ways to suit the exact product in mind. We have a range of electric motor customization options available, such as shaft type / length, voltage, gearbox orientation and output speed.

· Efficient

A custom electric motor is designed to be totally compatible with your product and therefore, is designed to enable it to run as efficiently as possible.

· Versatile

We offer electric motor customization to designers and manufacturers of products in almost every vertical sector. We have a particularly strong track record in the healthcare, leisure and transport sectors, where we make geared motors for a number of leading producers of electric wheelchairs, caravan movers, wiper systems, patient hoists and golf carts. No matter which sector you’re in, our engineers can provide effective, educated recommendations based on the requirements you provide.

· From a small mod to a completely customized solution

No matter how big or small your customized electric motor project, we offer modifications to suit your needs. For example, if you simply want to adjust the length of a cable or request a different paint finish, we can execute this sort of modification quickly, easily and at surprisingly low cost!

For more information about our custom electric motors, give our friendly team of experts a call on +1 508 677 0520.