One of the most popular recent vehicle trends has been in the MPV or ‘Multi-Purpose Vehicle’ sector. Many manufacturers now include MPV models in their range and with most offering good headroom, configurable seating and an accessible load bed, they make an ideal platform to be adapted for wheelchair users.

One of our customers started life in 1950, operating a small garage aimed at simply repairing cars and tractors. A request from a neighbour with limited mobility in his legs started what was to become a real success story; back then there were no mainstream options for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) on the market, so it didn’t take long for word to get around that the company was adapting vehicles for this purpose. Fast forward 70 years and they are now one of the largest WAV providers in the UK and Ireland and the leading adaptions specialist in Ireland. The company is passionate about its customers and has built its reputation on customer service and innovation, winning multiple awards along the way. Today, a team of 50 builds hundreds of cars each year.

Some years ago, the company approached Dorset-based motor manufacturer, Parvalux Electric Motors to source a compact motor unit that would offer excellent reliability, quiet operation and enough torque to raise and lower a vehicle access ramp with ease. A Parvalux PM4-MB motor and gearbox combination looked on paper to have good potential and a sample was sent to the customer’s engineering team for evaluation. As a testament to the company’s attention to detail, they vigorously tested the unit for performance and durability and Parvalux units are now installed in a range of vehicles, delivering dependable power for these popular conversions.

About Parvalux

In business since 1947 and with three factories in Dorset, Parvalux is the UK’s largest manufacturer of fractional horsepower geared motors. For many years, the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle market has turned to Parvalux to supply British-designed and manufactured geared motors that deliver the reliability, quality and performance their customers demand. From a simple off-the-shelf geared motor, to a semi or fully customized unit, our engineering design team works with companies to help them specify the exact drive combination needed to bring their product ideas to life.

Over the years, Parvalux has become an important supply partner to a huge number of specialist businesses. Our customers trust our geared motors because they deliver the performance and reliability their customers expect.

Parvalux has more than 20 million units installed in over 80 countries and has earned an enviable reputation for designing and building best-in-breed systems that operate reliably and efficiently, even in the harshest conditions.

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