Unlike a typical hotel stay, most caravan owners will begin their holiday with a tiring drive towing their accommodation behind them. It’s probably fair to say that after a long journey, unhitching and pitching a caravan by hand is a task many owners don’t look forward to. With considerable weight and with limited hand holds, even a single-axle caravan can be cumbersome to move.

There are some subtleties to be observed too, when trying to position a caravan perfectly; allowing sufficient room for an awning or barbeque, lining up power and waste feeds on a serviced pitch or capturing the evening sun to make the most of the day. The list is long and with a heavy van, getting it in exactly the right spot by hand can be hard work.

A clever solution to this problem is the motorised caravan mover, which, as the name suggests, is a motorised system that lets owners move their caravan quickly and accurately, removing the physical effort that would otherwise have been required.

Caravan movers are controlled remotely and incorporate powerful, battery-powered motorised units with purpose-made rollers that provide drive against the caravan’s tyres. For a caravan mover to be effective, it needs to provide smooth power delivery, even on corners, bends or gradients and it needs to be able to operate without fuss in any weather, on surfaces as varied as asphalt, grass, sand, cobblestones and gravel.

Based in Bournemouth, UK and in business since 1947, Parvalux Electric Motors is the UK’s largest manufacturer of fractional horsepower geared motors. For more than 20 years, the leading caravan mover manufacturers have trusted Parvalux to develop bespoke motors and gearboxes for their ranges. We offer more than just an OEM supplier relationship to our customers; the Parvalux engineering design team works closely with our customers’ engineers to develop drive systems that are light, strong and deliver the smooth power needed to delight every customer, every time.


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