In the realm of transportation, an unobstructed view is non-negotiable. This is applicable for transportation of goods or passengers, by sea or land. Therefore it goes without saying that windscreen wiper systems are a must for all vehicles.

The key to clear visibility in the most extreme weather conditions are the wiper systems and of course, the motors used to operate them. A reliable wiper system is integral for ensuring safety, visibility and efficiency.

Leading this crucial aspect of land and sea transportation is Parvalux and our range of windshield wiper motors. The most important factors of efficient wiper systems are a combination of high power and reliability under the most extreme weather conditions, and our wiper motors are therefore suited to both maritime and land applications. Our range of motors are installed on numerous vehicles in the rail and marine industries and includes some of the world’s fastest trains and even the world’s largest passenger ship.

The Importance of Reliable Motors

Wiper systems and the motors that power them have to be robust and fit into a small size envelope as well as maintain reliability in demanding environments, adverse weather conditions and against corrosive natural elements like salt. Such harsh environments increase wear and tear, and therefore they have to be able to withstand temperature changes, moisture and vibrations.

Although wiper systems may seem like a small cog in a much larger wheel, as they prevent visibility obstruction, they are in fact paramount to the whole process. If an operator cannot see, they cannot react to potential obstructions and could put the entire vessel or vehicle in danger.

Therefore an efficient and effective wiper solution prevents accidents, contributes towards regulatory compliance, reduces downtime, saves on maintenance costs and can improve component longevity.

At Parvalux we have two main motors which we recommend for wiper systems, the Viper3 and SD29. Both are durable, compact and reliable ensuring you will always have the best solution for your specific project. To accompany these motors is our fantastic M Box range that will be able to provide the system with more torque and slower motor speeds to fit any specification.

VIPER3 for Rail Systems

The VIPER3 geared motor is designed specifically for the rail industry with low maintenance, and reliability as standard.

The VIPER3 has an IP range from 42-56 depending on your specific requirements, a large brush design which minimises wear at higher operating speeds coupled with low gear wear.

The VIPER3 is compliant to EN50121-3-2 2015 standards meaning integration of apparatus on railway rolling stock, as well as marine and transport applications, is easy and stress-free.

SD29 for Marine Environments

The SD29 motor is most suited for the marine environment and marine wiper systems. There are numerous applications including ocean-going vessels, tugs and other vessels working in extreme conditions. They are reliable with an IP rating of between 20 and 54.

The Versatile M Box Range

The Parvalux M-Box range combined with Parvalux motors is a cornerstone of both marine and rail wiper systems, with reliability and adaptability at its core.

The combinations are particularly robust in harsh environments due to their rugged construction and cutting-edge technology.

Regardless of the scale of your project or your specific requirements, Parvalux should be your first stop as we have provided geared motors for wiper systems on sea-going ships, railway engines and even the NASA CT-2 Crawler Transporters at Cape Canaveral.

Perhaps you’re not planning to transport goods to Mars, but we are able to supply 12V DC, 24V DC and 230V AC wiper motors for all forms of transport regardless of their destination.

If you want off-the-shelf systems head over to our specific product pages, but if you want something more customised then speak with a member of the team and we can work with you to design the perfect system for your application.