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What is an AC motor?

As the name suggests, an AC motor is driven by alternating current and it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. AC motors are made up of two main components: the stationary stator, which is located on the outside with coils carrying AC current and the inside rotor, which is fixed to the output shaft.

Advantages of AC motors

We manufacture a huge selection of standalone AC motors that combine with our excellent right-angle and inline gearboxes. Parvalux AC induction motors are trusted by industries across the globe in applications such as high-power wiper systems and patient hoists.

They are available as either single or three phase units, with robust and durable aluminum housings. We also offer a variety of accessories to accompany your AC motors, including brakes, encoders and controllers.

Parvalux AC electric geared motors offer a range of excellent properties that make them easy to deploy and suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Power range up to 250W
  • Single and three phase AC motors
  • AC/DC series wound universal motors
  • Inline and right-angle gearboxes available
  • Asynchronous and synchronous single and two speed AC motors
  • Die cast zinc alloy and aluminum housing material options

Custom AC geared motors from Parvalux

We offer many customization options for our standard motors, including shaft variations, output flange options, various cable lengths, brakes, encoders, paint finishes and terminal boxes to achieve the appropriate solution.

For those looking for a particular specification, our fully-customized solutions allow us to integrate other components of your drive system. Should you wish to make any changes to a standard AC motor, please contact our team

Our product customization options ensure that manufacturers receive an electric AC geared motor that is completely tailored to the needs of their application. We have over 75 years’ worth of extensive application-specific knowledge, enabling us to provide you with the ideal solution.

Finding the right drive solution shouldn’t be a challenge – contact our friendly team, today