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AC Motors

Available as either single or three phase units, Parvalux AC electric motors come in aluminum housings as both motor-only and geared units. Our AC motors are hand-built in Britain and exported to over 80 countries.

- Power range up to 250W
- AC induction, single and three-phase
- Permanent capacitor and capacitor start/run
- AC/DC series wound universal motors

Our AC Motors

DC Motors

Parvalux designs and manufactures a wide range of DC (Direct Current) motors, which are available in 'motor-only' format or in a combination with our range of inline, right-angle and planetary gearboxes.

Our DC motor range includes a wide selection of BLDC brushless units and PMDC permanent magnet units.

Our DC Motors


Parvalux British-made gearboxes are simply legendary; rugged, reliable and designed to suit a wide range of applications, they are some of the finest small gearboxes in the world. Our product range includes inline and right-angle output, with options for worm-wheel, spur and planetary gearboxes available, plus a wide range of customization options.