PBL60-70 48V 3000 RPM









Nm (Cont)


Part No:776621

W: 60 × H: 60mm

The Parvalux PBL60-70 is a brushless direct current (BLDC) motor. This particular motor has a stack length of 70mm and operates at 48 volts with an output of 157 watts....
Spec overview
Motor Type BLDC
Motor Poles 8
Nominal continuous torque 0.50 Nm
Max intermittent torque 0.88 Nm
Nominal power 157 W
Nominal speed 3000 rpm
Nominal continuous current 4.6 A
No load speed 3811 rpm
No load current 0.70 A
Maximum efficiency 83%
Torque constant 0.12 Nm/A
Speed torque gradient 870.3 rpm/Nm
Stall torque 4.5 Nm
Stall current 36.9 A
Stack length 70 mm
Motor IP rating IP54
Speed constant 80.3 rpm/V
Radial load 350 N
Weight 1.6 Kg
Enclosure Enclosed
Insulation class B
Weight (kg) 1.6

Motor Design

The 8-pole bi-directional PBL60 is housed within a lamination steel casing with aluminum end caps, sealed to IP54 (IP50 at exposed motor shafts), protecting it from dust particles and water spray.

Built to Class B insulation, enabling a temperature rise of 115°C based on an ambient temperature of 40°C. Casing temperature can operate within -30° to +100°C.

This model is the PBL60-70 with a stack length of 70mm and an overall length of 110mm across the whole motor. Delivering 0.5 Nm of continuous torque (S1) and 0.88 Nm of intermittent torque (S2 – 15 minutes). This model operates at 48 volts, other voltage variations are available within the PBL60 range.

The motor can be combined with Parvalux encoders, controllers, and gearheads as part of a modular system.