LWS 25:1 Spur / 13:1 Worm Composite


Worm Spur

Gear Ratio


Nm (Cont)


Nm (Int)


Part No:LWS-25S13W

L: 122 × W: 128 × H: 133mm

The LWS 25:1 Spur / 13:1 Worm gearbox is compatible with AC, BLDC and PMDC motors and is available with composite gears. For more information or to place an order...
Spec overview
Gearbox Orientation Right Angle
Gearbox Type Worm Spur
Gearbox Ratio 325:1
Gear Material Composite
Gearbox Efficiency 85%
Gearbox Axial Load 226 N
Gearbox Radial Load 446 N
Gearbox Continuous Torque 62.0 Nm
Gearbox Intermittent Torque 62.0 Nm
Backlash 50-75 arc.min
Weight (kg) 3.9

This LWS 25:1 Spur / 13:1 Worm gearbox is available with composite gears and weighs 3.9 kg. It can produce up to 62 Nm of continuous torque and offers efficiencies of up to 85%. The powerful gearbox can be used within multiple applications and is compatible with AC, BLDC, and PMDC motors. For more information, please contact our expert team.