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BRx70-60 24V 3000RPM









Nm (Cont)


Part No:7060324

W: 70 × H: 70mm

BRx70-60 24V 3000 RPM Modular PMDC motor

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Motor Type PMDC
Motor Poles 2
Nominal continuous torque 0.50 Nm
Max intermittent torque 0.80 Nm
Nominal power 151 W
Nominal speed 3000 rpm
Nominal continuous current 8.4 A
No load speed 3912 rpm
No load current 0.50 A
Rotor inertia 2.5 x 10¯⁴ Kg/cm²
Maximum efficiency 80%
Torque constant 0.060 Nm/A
Thermal resistance Ra 0.57 Ω
Speed torque gradient 1412 rpm/Nm
Stall torque 2.8 Nm
Stall current 42.0 A
Stack length 60 mm
Motor IP rating IP44
Speed constant 178 rpm/V
Max ambient temperature 40°C
Radial load 200 N
Weight 2.1 Kg
Enclosure Enclosed
Insulation class F
Reversible Yes
Weight (kg) 2.1

The Parvalux BRx70-60 is a permanent magnet direct current (DC) motor. It is available in a range of options with voltages from 12v – 48v DC and output power up to 120 Watts. It is rated for nominal continuous torque up to 0.38 Nm (S1) and maximum intermittent torque up to 0.63 Nm (S3). This motor is perfectly suited for use with a range of Parvalux right-angle and inline gearboxes enabling you to assemble the perfect geared motor combination for your application.