We have officially completed our move into the new factory, which meant moving people, machinery, and materials from our 3 older factories. This has been a long process, but everyone involved has done a fantastic job.

One of the main features of our new building is the solar panels installed on the roof, we have over 1500 panels, which we believe is one of the largest installations of solar panels on a single building on the south coast of England. These solar panels help to reduce our CO2 emissions by 343 tonnes each year. That is a huge reduction.

The building also has composite panels which have great thermal efficiency and this helps to keep a neutral temperature throughout the year and helps the building achieve an energy rating of -5 A+ which means the building is 5 points better than carbon neutral or net zero. To top it all off we are encouraging people to start driving electric cars or riding electric bikes by offering free electric charging for all staff. If we can encourage our staff to cut down their emissions, they are releasing on the way to and back from work then we are doing all the right things to help our environment.

Not only does the new building make our energy consumption more efficient but everyone being in the same building will also help to make our processes more efficient too! We have material delivery trains that removes the need for manual labour which means more time can be focused on the production of our brilliant motors and another tool that is making our new factory more efficient is the recent app development in the logistics department; This has been put in place so the team know exactly where stock is located and how much of it we have. This will speed up the process of picking materials and not spending too much time locating materials for an order.

Now when you walk into our factory you will be able to see every part of the process happening under one roof, you will no longer need to go between factories to see all of our production processes, now all you’ll have to do is go between different floors.

As we are a disability-confident employer, we made sure that all parts of the factory were accessible to everyone and that meant having lifts to access all floors of the building and making walkways easily accessible. We want to make our workplace as comfortable as possible for all employees and visitors alike.

Canteen and roof terrace, mini market….

The canteen in our new facility has a host of features that allow our staff to relax and get out of the working environment. We have lovely comfortable seating in the main canteen area with additional sofas and pool table, out on our roof terrace we also have additional seating for the few sunny days that we have each year. We also have a large staff fridge where they can store their lunches and keep them fresh. On top of that there is a mini market in the canteen where sandwiches, drinks and snacks are sold, it is a popular hit with all the staff.

Other features of the facility

We also have a big green area at the rear of the factory, and we are considering many options for the space including a sports area for staff enjoyment and growing space for staff who might not be able to grow their own vegetables and fruits at home. This is all to make the workplace as nice as possible for our staff.

We are extremely happy with how our new home has turned out and are proud to show it off to all. The good news is we can show it off to everyone, take a look at our YouTube video of a walk-through in our new facility, we hope you like it.