Last week we welcomed maxon subsidiaries into our new facility Parvalux House. Here they would be take part in workshops to learn more about our existing product ranges, and those in development, and of course tour the new building to find out about our new production facilities. The champion days were a complete success, so much so delegates would like to make this a yearly event. 

Why Did We Host This? 

The reason for hosting an event like this was so that we could give useful workshops to the many maxon subsidiaries, to grow their knowledge and be able to include Parvalux products in drive solutions with confidence. This was useful for us and the subsidiaries to come together and not only share information about products and the Parvalux brand but to also get to know each and every person that we would normally just talk to over a video call.  

Building personal relationships and coming together still plays a vital role in our working lives, which is why it was so important for us to get these days and workshops right to spark curiosity, promote inclusion, and generate ideas to move forward together. 

How Will This Benefit Customers? 

As mentioned above the more expert level of product knowledge our subsidiaries have the better they can specify Parvalux products or combine them with maxon products in an efficient and appropriate geared motor solution. Customer satisfaction was also a theme running through the days understanding customer needs and how best we can all serve our customers. The knowledge gain and additional emphasis is an important step for both Parvalux and maxon, to enhance customer service, performance and introduce new products.
 Parvalux Champion Days

What did we get up to? 

The teams from 10+ subsidiaries all got involved in workshops and masterclasses that we had planned over the course of the 3 days. During the days we had comprehensive sessions focussing on Parvalux products and processes for maxon sales and marketing teams. 

Sessions were interactive with time for people to be inquisitive, ask questions about anything they were unsure of or share their ideas. The overall feedback of these sessions were that they gave a lot of useful information and insight into the future of Parvalux. We are so glad to have hosted something like this and appreciate all of the effort that was put in by all the teams to really make the days as a massive success. 

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