How Motors Are Used Within Agriculture

The agricultural industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in order to meet the increasing demands of food and fuel production.

Motors have revolutionised the way farming operations are conducted, providing improved efficiency, and productivity.

Parvalux has developed a range of motors including the BRx42 ( which is a 42mm diameter brushed DC motor) that has two stack-length models available, the BRx42-25 and BRx42-40.  These offer a wide range of operating voltages, speeds and torque in a relatively small housing ensuring it can support a number of applications within the agricultural industry.

Applications of motors in agriculture

As the agricultural industry becomes more automated, there are many applications for motors within the industry including:

  • Seeding – Electric motors power driverless tractors and robots as well as being able to control and regulate the number of seeds being sown.
  • Harvesting – With the consistent labour shortages on farms, robots are slowly being adopted in order to harvest fruit and vegetables.
  • Packing – Packing fruit and vegetables for distribution is often facilitated by the use of motors and robotics which are able to ensure only the best produce ends up on supermarket shelves.
  • Palletising – Palletising robots or robotic arms are slowly replacing the traditional forklift truck and driver, making the process more economical whilst increasing efficiency.
  • Crop maintenance – Motors are used in the automated machinery responsible for maintaining the crops including pruning, weeding, irrigating and applying insecticides or nutrients.
  • Livestock applications – Many tasks involving livestock can be automated including milking, feeding and land monitoring.

Benefits of BRx42 motors

There are various benefits to BRx42 motors which range from improved precision and efficiency to the implementation of data-driven farming.

  • Improved precision and efficiency – With increased torque and improved power-to-weight ratios, BRx42 motors allow for enhanced efficiency in various agricultural tasks, such as planting, tilling, and harvesting. The precise control helps minimise waste, optimise resource utilisation, and reduce environmental impact, making farming operations more sustainable.
  • Autonomous and connected machinery – These motors, coupled with cutting-edge sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, enable seamless communication between different agricultural equipment, such as tractors, sprayers, and harvesters. This interconnectivity allows for real-time data exchange, facilitating better decision-making, remote monitoring, and autonomous operation. This enables farmers to remotely manage their operations, adjust settings, and optimise performance, leading to increased productivity and reduced labour requirements.
  • Electrification and sustainable farming – BRx42 motors are ideal for electric and hybrid agricultural machinery and by replacing traditional combustion engines with electric or hybrid systems, can significantly reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution, and operating costs.
  • Adaptability and flexibility – BRx42 motors are very adaptable from precision planting, to irrigation, to crop maintenance, and to livestock management. This adaptability also means they are able to integrate with existing machinery, allowing farmers to transition smoothly to the latest technology without significant infrastructure changes.
  • Data-driven farming – BRx42 motors can contribute to data-driven farming by ensuring that the collection and analysis of data such as soil quality, weather patterns, and crop health offer real-time insight into performance. This allows farmers to make informed decisions regarding irrigation, fertilisation, and pest control.

With the BRx42 PMDC, it is possible to completely revolutionise the farming model by automating and streamlining the processes but also through efficiency savings, predictive maintenance and careful data collection and analysis.

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