The motors and gearboxes we provide here at Parvalux have wide and varied applications; from automatic doors, to stairlifts to pallet and tray shuttles.

The pallet shuttle is a semi/ fully automated storage system where a shuttle, powered by a geared motor runs across rails to pick or store pallets and storage boxes.It can increase storage capacity, the flow of goods through a warehouse or factory and can optimise the number of items being stored and is therefore a vital upgrade for any operation.

The pallet and tray shuttle motors are a key part of the warehouse, storage and distribution industries. By ensuring you have the right combination of gearbox and motor for your application makes these diverse and robust solutions.

They are great for streamlining processes and are ideal for environments where there is a lot of loading and unloading. Using motorised pallet shuttle systems instead of forklifts, however, can increase the flow of goods and can help to maximise storage capacity ultimately saving money and making the operation overall, more efficient.

There are various applications for geared motors within pallet and tray shuttles which include:

  • Automated material handling – Pallet and tray shuttles are responsible for transporting goods throughout warehouses and factories quickly and efficiently.
  • Distribution centres – Pallet and tray shuttles are used within distribution centres for both storage and order fulfilment.
  • Assembly lines – Where complex products are being manufactured on production lines, pallet and tray shuttles are instrumental in moving components along the line.
  • Packaging machinery – Pallet and tray shuttles help to manoeuvre products into line ready for packaging, labelling and sealing.
  • Loading and unloading – Geared motors are used to help load and unload goods into/off vehicles, containers or conveyer systems.
  • Food and beverage industry – Containers, pallets and trays are loaded with products in food processing and bottling plants and this is facilitated with a shuttle system.

With such diverse applications of geared motors and pallet and tray shuttles, getting the combination of motor and gearbox right is important to ensure an efficient, hard-wearing and cost-effective project.

Parvalux’s warehouse shuttle motors, such as the PBL86 range and gearboxes such as the GB12 and GB9 ranges are ideal for your project whatever your specifications. They are fully customisable ensuring that the right geared motor design can be attained specific to your requirements and space envelope.

Using gearboxes and motors, such as the GB12, GB9 and PBL86 combo to drive the pallet and tray shuttles offers a number of advantages including:

  • High torque value – a geared motor can provide high torque which is essential for handling heavy loads and countering resistance.
  • Compact size – geared motors can be compact which is ideal for applications with a small size envelope.
  • Energy efficient – they are designed to optimise energy consumption which can be cost effective over time.
  • Durability – All of the Parvalux motors and gearboxes are built to last for a very long time and with our brushless motors they will require much less maintenance which can then reduce downtime and end up being a cost-effective solution.

Want to know more about how geared motors will help with your tray and pallet shuttle requirements? Please take a look at our Pallet and Tray Shuttles page or contact the team at Parvalux for further information.