It’s surprising how much we rely on automated doors and, therefore, the geared motors that enable them to function; from sliding or revolving doors in commercial environments, to lift doors or automated garage doors, to even opening the gates to your driveway.

Automated doors can make an environment more inclusive, more welcoming and more convenient, especially in spaces where there are mobility issues such as hospitals, or where users will be carrying or pushing large loads such as in warehouses.

Additionally, in a commercial or corporate space, automated doors can also be more environmentally friendly and contribute to a more sustainable business. With the use of sensors, automated doors can ensure the heated or air-conditioned interior is not unnecessarily compromised through the reduction of the frequency that the doors open, as well as limiting the duration they remain open. This controlled use can also reduce wear and tear on the motor which ultimately can save money with fewer repairs and complex maintenance needed.

All automated doors, regardless of environment or application rely on geared motors and all need to be reliable, quiet and robust. For this reason, brushless motors are best suited as they are quiet to operate and fit a small space envelope.

The Benefits of Geared Motors

A geared motor is essentially a motor with a gearbox attached to it, and what makes them particularly suited to automated doors of any type is that they are low speed, high torque, cost-effective and robust.

Here at Parvalux, one of our specialities is the provision of a geared motor solution to make life easier for automatic door and gate opening system manufacturers. Our motors have been used in dozens of applications across industries which include transportation (trains and buses), sliding doors, rotating doors, gate opening systems, garage doors as well as automated blind systems.

We pride ourselves on offering solutions that are of outstanding quality, as well as being reliable and efficient ensuring years of problem-free door automation. The key attributes of a geared automated door motor are:

  • Robustness in both cold and hot env
  • Ability to operate under high-duty cycles
  • Quiet operation
  • High torque density
  • High efficiency

At Parvalux, we can specifically recommend the GB9 and GB58 gearboxes which offer significant advantages to the automated door industry.

Precisely engineered and with a robust construction, these products ensure smooth and reliable operation, enhancing the overall performance and lifespan of automated doors across industries and applications.

Their compact design allows for seamless integration into various door systems, optimizing space. The motors’ advanced gear mechanisms provide exceptional torque, enabling doors to handle heavy loads with ease while maintaining energy efficiency.

Additionally, the motors’ quiet operation makes them ideal for noise-sensitive environments like hospitals as well as for residential and commercial settings.

Overall, Parvalux’s GB9 and GB58 gearboxes empower the automated door industry with durability, precision, and seamless functionality, meeting the demands of modern automated access systems. They can also be customised and enhanced and are compatible with both Parvalux AND Maxon brushed and brushless motors offering a comprehensive solution to a plethora of diverse automation challenges. The combined strengths of these motion products enhance operational efficiency, torque capabilities, and control precision – enabling a synergistic partnership that meets the demands of modern automation projects.

If you are looking to really “drive” your automated door projects, then Parvalux has the motion solution you need to deliver. Not only do we have an off-the-shelf range which will fit most requirements, all of our motors are also fully customizable ensuring you get exactly the product your project needs. To find out more about door automation and the geared motors you can use within your application, head over to the door automation page or give the team a call.