Warehouses and factories have been utilising conveyor systems for decades but outdated systems can cause operational downtime. However, it’s never too late to improve the system to make it more efficient, more cost-effective and make your processes more productive. One often simple means of making these improvements is to change from brushed to brushless motors.  

The Challenges of Brushed Motors 

Many conveyor systems are driven by brushed motors, which although being a great motor for this sort of application, may no longer be the optimum solution.  

In a continuous, or heavy-duty application, brushed motor reliance on mechanical brushes will often present maintenance challenges which can result in significant downtime and costly repairs. Carbon brushes may even be designed to be replaced as part of a regular maintenance programme whether they are worn out or not, at a cost to your business.  

In extreme cases, the wear and tear on such brushes can cause functional issues such as increased friction, and excessive heat generation, and ultimately system failure.  

Brushed motors generally exhibit more electrical and acoustic noise than their brushless counterparts – although that is not always the case. This may be more apparent when running at low speeds. However, despite this, they are often chosen when manufacturing conveyor systems as they are a more economic initial investment. 

Benefits of a Brushless Motor 

Changing to brushless motors means eliminating the need for mechanical brushes, their downtime, maintenance and running cost drawbacks. Brushless motors, therefore, have a significantly longer lifespan, translating into increased productivity and lower operating costs – and therefore overall cost of ownership.   

Many industries are making the switch from brushed motors to brushless for their improved economic running costs, lower overall cost of ownership and their increased reliability.  

Making the Switch 

As your premier motion solution partner, Parvalux can guide you through the importance and relevance of the transition from brushed to brushless motors, and in turn enable you to implement a more efficient and economic business model.   

At Parvalux, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge, motion solutions tailored to the unique needs of conveyor systems. Our extensive lineup of brushless and brushed motors offers unmatched reliability, efficiency, and performance, empowering you to revolutionise your conveyor system. From high torque requirements to precise speed control, our brushless motors deliver top-level efficiency and consistency, even in the most demanding conveyor applications.  

Our team of experts will work closely with you to seamlessly integrate brushless motors into your existing conveyor system. Whether you’re retrofitting an entire fleet of conveyors or upgrading individual units, Parvalux ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations. We can help you choose the most appropriate brushless motor that matches the specifications and requirements of your conveyor system as well as offering guidance on refitting the new motors.  

If you’re ready to make the switch from brushed to brushless motors, why not check out the product pages here, or contact us to speak to a member of the team today.