Recently Russell Tanner attended the Engineering and Manufacturing Awards, after being nominated for the Net Zero Champion Award. Russell was nominated for this award because of his fantastic work with the development of the new factory which was given an energy efficiency rating of -5 A+ which means the building is 5 points better than carbon neutral.

With the ambitious goals that we have as a business a new home was needed to facilitate our growth plans. By 2030 our output will mean doubling our workforce with 400 employees and machinery that our 3 factories would not have the footprint to support, and with logistics demands of 3 different locations all separated wasn’t the most optimum way we could work and most definitely wasn’t as green as we could be if we were all under one roof.

Before the build was started Russell carefully appointed architects to design the development of the new building, what led to this decision was the local company were experts in designing energy-efficient buildings and we also selected local contractors who shared the same goal.

These two companies worked together to identify materials and construction methods that would help to reduce carbon emissions. They started by recycling 7000 tonnes of bricks and concrete from the old structures on the site. Other things like composite panels were selected for their thermally efficient properties which is an important component in insulation. Energy-efficient glass was also used in the build, and this made sure the building visually looked stunning while also having high energy performance and a great working environment for employees.

The building has over 1500 solar panels, these panels create a lot of energy for our building and the payback time for these is 5 years which means after that all the energy we are producing for our offices and operation of the building is completely free and we aren’t putting the grid under unnecessary pressure for the considerable future. We also have air-source heat exchangers installed in the building and this will provide heat and hot water without gas-powered boilers. All of this makes Parvalux House better than carbon neutral and as we grow, we will keep on looking at how we can continue to stay carbon neutral.

Back to the awards ceremony, the award Russell was nominated for was highly contested, and although not taking first place Russell was awarded with a “highly commendable” certificate from the judges in recognition of his work commenting on an amazing job with the new building. Russell was presented this award in front of some of the most well-respected businesses and engineers within the industry, with the award presented by British television and radio presenter, Angellica Bell.

To find out more about how green our building is, please take a look at our article from earlier in the year about World Environment Day!