Operators of large commercial buildings know the value of automation and the benefits of having automated doors, electric gates, and elevators. They understand that they can make a building more inclusive but can also be cost-effective, sustainable and can improve the security of the site.

Automated building solutions have many benefits including:

  • Decreasing operating costs
  • Enabling you to track usage and reduction in energy use/waste
  • Reducing energy bills
  • Improving your sustainability rating
  • Making entering and leaving the building more accessible

When deliberating building automation, for whatever reason, the most important thing to consider is the motors that will be used, this will help ensure the smooth, efficient, and cost-effective running of the application. This is where Parvalux can help, as our motors and gearboxes are robust, reliable and compact fitting into small-size envelopes – just what you need for your building automation requirements. We have provided gearboxes and motors for many leading access control system manufacturers around the world.

How building automation can improve security

Building automation can improve security in a number of different ways, ensuring your staff have a safe and pleasant environment to work in or to improve the safety of your belongings when you aren’t at home. These can include:

  • Automated doors – These can be sliding, swinging or revolving doors and can be controlled via a sensor, a push button or a remote control depending on specific requirements. This ensures that you are able to control who enters the building, as well as making it accessible to those with mobility problems. Reliable geared motors can ensure that the doors operate smoothly and quietly with a minimum amount of required maintenance.
  • Access Control – Security is further enhanced with the use of turnstiles, gates and barriers, which can be integrated with card readers, biometric scanners for fingerprints and facial recognition, keypads or remote control. This can prevent access for unauthorised personnel to specific areas of the building including specific floors if introduced to elevator systems.
  • Shutter and blind closures – Motorised shutters and blinds can be used to control light, privacy and temperature within a building which can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly but can also add extra security to a building when not in operation or in the case of an emergency lockdown situation.
  • Electric gates – These are often used within commercial buildings to control vehicular access and can be integrated into other security systems like keypads, sensors, cards or biometric readers.
  • Energy Saving – Through a Building Automation System (BAS) you are able to turn out lights, alter the temperature as well as shutting down equipment which is not in use. This will make significant savings in energy consumption, saving the business money. It is essential for the motors within such automated machinery to be able to quickly turn off and on as required without loss of functionality.

Many security systems like access gates or barriers can act as a deterrent to potential intruders, just by being visible. They are also instrumental in deterring criminal damage and theft (both from external or internal personnel) making for a safer environment for staff. All of these systems provide extra elements of security to your building by:

  • Restricting access – These systems enable you to restrict access to parts of the building as well as at certain times of the day or night.
  • Keyless entry – Using keypads or sensors for example ensures there is keyless entry which can be more convenient for users but can also prevent security breaches through lost key cards.
  • Record keeping – Using biometric or card readers provides an electronic trail enabling you to produce logs of who has entered controlled areas of the building and when.
  • Remote management – Many of the access control systems can be controlled remotely in one way or another, meaning access can be provided or rescinded to particular individuals, during particular times of the day, or during emergency security incidents without a need to be onsite.
  • Card management – If an access card is lost or stolen, access can easily be deactivated remotely therefore keeping the site safe from unauthorised access.

Access security applications such as barriers and automated doors require a geared motor in order to run smoothly and efficiently. They are used multiple times an hour, sometimes 24 hours a day and therefore need to run smoothly and more importantly reliably.

At Parvalux we provide a number of suitable motor and gearbox combinations which are low speed and high torque. The choice of geared motor for an automated door system involves finding the right balance between torque and speed. It depends on factors such as the door’s size, weight, application (residential, commercial, industrial), and safety requirements. The motor should be capable of providing enough torque to move the door effectively while offering the desired speed control for safe and efficient operation.

Parvalux has designed and built drive systems using our motors and gearboxes for a range of measures including, key-coded building entry, swipe card car park swing arm gate motors and proximity sensor door motors.

One key element of geared motors within your security systems is that there is reduced downtime for repairs, upgrades and general maintenance, as downtime can compromise your general security. At Parvalux, we pride ourselves on our geared motors being robust and aim for them all to be:

  • Efficient and reliable – Our motors are known for their reliability and precision, which ensure that when used within security systems they operate smoothly and consistently keeping your buildings secure.
  • Rapid responding – Many security systems like shutters or gates need to be able to respond quickly, especially in emergency situations when access needs to be denied to intruders.
  • Easily integrated with sensors and controls – Parvalux geared motors are easily integrated into a number of security systems such as sensors and control systems ensuring the entire mechanism runs smoothly and requires minimum maintenance.
  • Customisable – All of our motors and gearboxes can be customised in order to match your exact requirements, and if customising an off-the-shelf model isn’t suitable then we are able to build you a motor or gearbox from scratch meaning you don’t have to make any functionality compromises.
  • Durable – All of our geared motors are designed to be durable and therefore require minimal maintenance. We feel this is essential for security systems, as security can be compromised if the systems are down for maintenance or require motor replacement.

If you are interested in making your commercial building more secure using automated systems then you can find out more about building automation here, as well as viewing the motors and gearboxes here. We are able to customise our range to suit your specifications or develop a motor that’s specific to your application. To find out more contact the team at Parvalux.