Parvalux is a leading designer and manufacturer of AGV motors. Automated guided vehicles (or AGVs) are robotic vehicles that follow markings or wires on a floor to haul goods. AGVs transport heavy materials around large factories or warehouses. They move raw materials from goods-in to production, move production line materials and take finished materials to shipping or storage.

Driven by the expansion of e-commerce, a desire by SMEs to create efficiencies through automation and by the wider adoption of handling equipment, the AGV motors market is growing rapidly. According to a study by Research and Markets, the global market for automatic-guided vehicles is even expected to grow by 10.8% until 2026, reaching $3.64 billion.

There are now around half a dozen guidance technologies used in AGVs today:

  • Self-guided
  • Line-guided
  • Opto-guided (by lines marked on the ground)
  • Geo-guided
  • Laser-guided
  • Ultrasound-guided

Reliability and robustness

An AGV must offer long-term reliability and robustness. Because of this,  it needs to function without any maintenance in order to optimize warehouse profitability. In this sort of application, any downtime results in a chain reaction that can lead to significant production delays and financial losses.

AGVs need to be compact to suit smaller warehouses and lower their operating costs. Small, yet still capable of transporting heavy loads, an AGV must offer substantial power density. The challenge for motor manufacturers is to create compact, powerful drives that are both efficient and robust. Parvalux geared motors deliver on all counts.

Some of the more advanced AGVs are capable of automated trailer loading without any special docking equipment. There are also models that can transport rolls in paper mills, steel factories and the plastics industry. They can handle and stack rolls in racking, on the floor and even feed printing presses, automatically. An AGV might need to operate 24/7 and cope with hauling a significant loaded weight, so powerful electric motors are a requirement across the board.

Parvalux has wide experience designing AGV motors and we offer a range of standard motors and gearboxes for this purpose. In addition, we offer a high degree of customization, which is available through our UK-based factories.

Our range includes shape, size and performance options and we can also develop fully customized AGV motors for your available space envelope. Our design team is fluent in the latest 3D CAD software and we frequently work with customers to meet their specific requirements.


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