One of the most important uses for motors in our day to day lives is in healthcare equipment. Life support machines, such as ventilators, are crucial for keeping patients alive and must provide reliable operation. These essential pieces of kit are powered by a motor and the most reliable ventilator motor of all is a brushless DC motors. BLDC motors not only provide reliability but they also offer a long lifespan, require minimal maintenance and are both quiet and efficient in operation.

1.      Long Lifespan

Due to the build of BLDC motors, they have fewer parts that require maintenance, which means in turn, they typically last for a long time before replacement is required. The removal of brushes from the design means they can be run at a higher speed for potentially thousands of hours longer than a standard brushed DC motor. Hospital ventilators need to be consistent and work for sustained periods, especially if a patient has a long-term condition and this may mean the ventilators are in use for days at a time. A BLDC gear motor can carry out this task without the worry of it stopping at an important and perhaps critical moment in the care of a patient.

2.      Minimal Maintenance

Unlike a standard DC motor, a brushless DC motor has fewer parts, namely brushes. This part of a DC motor wears due to friction and requires regular maintenance and therefore adds cost to the total cost of ownership when they need replacing. As healthcare equipment is moved around regularly, as well as being required for constant use, it isn’t feasible to send ventilator motors or vacuum pumps out for maintenance. A BLDC motor reduces this need and allows the focus to be placed on patient care, as opposed to equipment maintenance.

3.      Quiet Operation

When someone is using a ventilator for long periods of time, in or out of a hospital, it is vital that their standard of living isn’t compromised. A BLDC motor ventilator provides a quiet operation, so that the patient isn’t disturbed at night or that other patients aren’t affected by the noise.

Another key benefit to using a BLDC motor is that they can be built to any specification. Ventilator motors aren’t as large and unwieldly as they once were. Ventilators are now relatively compact and easy to manoeuvre, therefore improving use and making administration of care easier for healthcare professionals.

4.      High Efficiency

A BLDC gear motor is highly efficient, not just for the reasons listed above but also because of its high starting torque. High starting torque enables consistency in speed, which ensures patient care is delivered consistently too. A fluctuation in speed could be detrimental to the patient and therefore the reliability of a BLDC ventilator motor provides some peace of mind during use.

Our expert team can design and build a custom brushless DC motor for any new ventilator design that will power your application for many years to come. Discuss your motor options and learn more about Parvalux BLDC motors by getting in touch with your local contact.