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The sections below give a brief overview of the different aspects of motor design that define your product. Identifying these from the outset will allow you to get the perfect geared motor solution for your application.


Input Power Source

Voltage: AC or DC voltage? What voltage do you need your motor to run at?

Frequency: 50Hz? 60Hz? or both?

Current: Does the current draw need to be under a certain value?

Control: Variable Speeds? What type of control will you need?



Ingress Protection (IP): Will your motor need protection against the elements? Dust / Water / etc.?

Temperature: Ambient temperature of the applications environment? Do you need to touch the motor?


Gear-Motor Specs

Weight: Are there any weight restrictions within your application?

Life Expectancy: How long will you need your motor to operate for? Does the application allow for maintenance to be carried out?

Noise: Is noise an important factor in your application?

Efficiency: Importance of your motors efficiency?


Gear-Motor Performance

Speed (RPM): High or Low speed? Continuous or varying?

Power (W / HP): Watt / Horsepower requirements? Amperage limitations if using a control?

Torque (Nm / in-lb): High start or Stall Torque? Running torque Requirements?

Duty Cycle: Operating continuously or in short bursts with time to cool down in between?


General Requirements

Mounting Orientation: How does the motor need to be mounted to the application?

Overhung and Size Loads: Does the application have additional loads (radial or axial) putting stress on the motor?

Package Size: Is there a size restriction within your application?

Lubrication: Grease or oil required? High or low temp lubrication?

Agency Approvals: Agency approvals that your application must meet? UL, CE, RoHS, CSA or others?


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