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AC Products


AC Electric Motors

We offer an extensive range of British-made AC motors and AC geared motor solutions, including our SD range (silver finish) and IEC standard frame products (black finish).

With more than 70 years' experience, Parvalux's field-proven AC motors are trusted by some of the world's biggest industries, in almost 80 countries.

What is an AC Motor?

As the name suggests, an AC Motor, is driven by alternating current and it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. AC motors are made up of two main components: the stationary stator, which is located on the outside with coils carrying AC current, and the inside rotor, which is fixed to the output shaft.

Parvalux’s AC electric and gear motors have a range of excellent properties that make them easy to deploy and suit a variety of applications: 

• Power range of 8 Watts to 315 kW 

• Single and three phase AC motors

• Parvalux and IEC Frames

• Asynchronous and synchronous single and two speed AC motors

• IE2 and IE3 versions

• Die cast zinc alloy, aluminium and cast iron housing material options

To find out more about our AC motors at Parvalux, contact our friendly team on 01202 512575. Browse our range of industry trusted AC electric and gear motors below, including AC motor only, right angle and in-line AC motors.





AC Geared - Right AngleAC GEARED - RIGHT ANGLE

AC Geared - In-LineAC GEARED - IN-LINE