PM70-146 24V









Nm (Continuo)


Código de producto:7014624

L: 146 × W: 74 × H: 74mm

The PM70-146 is a permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) motor. It operates at 24 volts and has an output power of 157 Watts it is rated at 0.5 Nm (S1)...
Spec overview
Tipo de motor PMDC
Polos del motor 2
Par nominal en continuo 0.5 Nm
Par intermitente máximo 0.88 Nm
Potencia nominal 157 W
Velocidad nominal 3000 rpm
Corriente continua nominal 9.0 A
Velocidad en vacío 3580 rpm
Corriente en vacío 0.80 A
Rotor inertia 2.5x10-4
Máxima eficiencia 79%
Torque constant 0.060 Nm/A
Thermal resistance Ra 0.36 ?
Thermal inductance Ri 0.81 mH
Gradiente de par de velocidad 1383 rpm/Nm
Par de parada 2.8 Nm
Corriente de pérdida 48.0 A
Longitud del núcleo 60 mm
Grado de protección IP del motor IP54
Speed constant 150.4 rpm/V
Temperatura ambiente máxima 40?C
Carga radial 200 N
Peso 2.25 Kg
Caja Enclosed
Clase de aislamiento F
Reversible Yes
Peso (kg) 2.25

Motor Design The 2-pole bi-directional PM70-146 is enclosed and sealed to IP54, protecting it from dust particles and water spray. Built-to-class F insulation means it can operate in extreme temperatures. This motor operates at 24 volts and rotates at 3000 rpm. With a stack length of 60 mm and an overall motor length of 146 mm, the motor has an output power of 157 watts and produces 0.5 Nm of continuous torque.