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Powered Wheelchairs


Electric Wheelchair Motors

At Parvalux, we offer an extensive range of electric wheelchair motors that give millions of people the freedom to live life on their own terms. Thanks to the improved quality of life our wheelchair motors provide, this is a sector which we are proud to work so extensively.

Electric Wheelchair Motors for All Uses

From lightweight paediatric to rugged off-road all-terrain chairs and everything in between, our huge range of wheelchair geared motor solutions can easily provide the smooth, safe power that is needed for most situations and purposes. We offer both 12v and 24v electric wheelchair motors.

With sources predicting the market is forecast to grow at a compound rate in excess of 20% per year, we are investing heavily in new wheelchair motor designs to ensure we remain the leading supplier for this important application.

Electric Wheelchair Motors for Complete Comfort and Ease

Our application and design engineers understand the demands of successful electric wheelchair motor design and we recognise the importance of being able to deliver a smooth experience that ensures the user can manoeuvre a chair in multiple directions with ease. We are often requested to adapt our designs to incorporate manufacturers’ infrastructure and allow for special operational requirements and Parvalux has become the first port of call for many manufacturers that need a fully custom-designed and built geared motor to bring their product concepts from the drawing board to production.

With quiet power for ultimate convenience, Parvalux wheelchair geared motors provide a pleasant driving experience in situations where it is needed most. Our wheelchair motors are also designed to maximise efficiency, providing the best possible range from the battery power source.

Discover our range of electric wheelchair motors below. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss custom wheelchair motors, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly team by calling 01202 512575 or by uploading your wheelchair motor specifications.





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