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Cleaning Equipment


Vacuum Motors: Cleaning Equipment Motors

Parvalux has an enviable track record manufacturing AC and DC motors for a variety of household-name cleaning equipment manufacturers. 

Our vacuum cleaner motors, carpet extractor vacuum motors and floor polisher motors can be specified in standard or custom formats and we can even work with you to design a unique geared motor solution to help bring your product concept to life. 

Built in the UK since 1947, Parvalux products are now trusted in almost 80 countries.

Why Choose Parvalux Vacuum Motors?

Our vacuum cleaner, carpet extractor vacuum and floor polisher motors are designed to deliver high performance and power and our new PM110 motor is specifically designed for cleaning equipment; it’s available in a number of options, including vented and unvented, as well as offering multiple power outputs.

Parvalux manufactures vacuum cleaner motors and motors suitable for use in a range of cleaning equipment products, in a variety of speeds to suit your requirements. Whether you need a powerful AC motor for mains-powered equipment or a lightweight, powerful DC motor for battery powered applications, we have standard, semi and fully customisable solutions to suit you. We recognise the importance of reliability in this application, which is why our motors are designed to be dependable and durable.

For more information about AC and DC motors suitable for vacuum cleaners and a range of cleaning equipment, contact our friendly sales team today and we’ll guide you towards the perfect geared motor solution for your application. Simply call +44 (0) 1202 512575 or fill in our contact form.




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2 Item(s)