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Caravan Movers

 Trusted at Leisure - Caravan Movers


For many years we have been a trusted volume supplier of OEM bespoke designed and customised motor-gearbox units to some of the largest and most successful suppliers to the global caravan mover market. These ‘movers’ are built either as integrated, bolt-on or as stand-alone DC systems, and are designed to facilitate the effortless manoeuvring and parking of a caravan once it has been detached from its towing vehicle. 

This application often requires high-torque and low-speed power transmission with smooth-start operation characteristics from a battery powered supply.

Our credentials include a European product design award for one of our OEM bespoke mover products. We are happy to provide you with a fully bespoke solution at no or little extra cost but the following standard products will give you an idea of the typical motor gearbox combinations for this application. We are able to manufacture complete drive units including the drive wheel that presses against the caravan’s tyres to provide traction.


2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)